At Wasser, we support our customers' commitment to the environment. Wasser products meet or surpass industry norms with respect to VOC's with an extensive range of products with Low or No VOC's, as well as more water based alternatives then our competitors. We provide responsible options with proven solutions without sacrificing durability.

Not only do Wasser products minimize the overall environmental foot print of your project but are also specifically designed to prolong its usable life. Products such as "Anti-Graffiti" coatings also help to preserve the beauty of urban environments.

Wasser doesn't only think green when it comes to our products, we are also committed to the use of environmentally friendly materials throughout all our processes. We use renewable enery in our facilities as well as best manufactering practices such as efficiency and waste reduction.

At Wasser, we pride ourselves on the ability to offer a Green Solution alternative for any project and we support the green initiative of all out customers.

  Featured Project - Highline, New York