Wasser has developed a full line of Moisture-cure Polyurethane industrial coatings for use on various project types in almost any environment. Beginning with the Northwest Bridge market, Wasser has established its place as an innovator for “go-to” protective coating systems in areas where conventional industrial coating systems fail. Wasser MCU coatings have become the product of choice for project / facility owners, engineers, and applicators alike. The advantages of Wasser's proprietary formulations are evident from the long and distinguished list of projects that range from the Panama Canal to the Manhattan Bridge. Wasser’s product features deliver on the concept of providing Corrosion Protection solutions that utilize traditional application methods of Spray, brush & roller in environmental conditions that would normally require dehumidification & heating to sustain proper conditions for success. Unlike other products, Wasser MCU technology can be applied in temperatures from 10 ° F to 110 ° F and in humidity conditions from 6% to 99%. The trend in the marketplace is “to do more with less.” Wasser products allow work to be done during times that traditional coating systems would require costly environmental controls or during times of peak-demand (highest-cost) for labor. For more information on the Wasser Corporation, our products or affiliates, please contact us or your local sales representative.
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